Born into a family of Minnesota farmers, Shelley grew up using only the freshest ingredients from the farm, in the kitchen. As a young girl she baked with grandmothers, learning recipes of many generations before her. Staying true to her heritage Shelley still uses only the finest ingredients in her baking today.

Every item is made to order, and made with the freshest ingredients, just as she did many years ago in her Grandmother’s kitchen. In addition, each individual item is made to order, made from scratch, and all the designs are edible. In the busy world of today, Shelley takes pride in bringing only the best quality and service without compromise.

Whether it is Shelley’s unique petit fours, specialty cakes, or sugar designs, you can expect only the best for your special occasion.

Our playful team truly enjoys making these editable delights for your pleasure. You can taste the difference; we infuse each one of our delights with our love and attention to detail.

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